Gourmet Apple Cinnamon Sugar

Our Apple Cinnamon Sugar is just delicious – on almost anything! Made from fresh apples, freshly ground cinnamon and just natural unrefined cane sugar, this sugar is the taste of ‘home’. It was developed for one of our Directors (a mis-placed American). He loves it on donuts, but honestly, it’s delicious on most things.

It can be sprinkled on cookies and pastries before, during and after baking, adding a wonderful freshness to baked goods. Or it can be used to make an amazing Apple Pie that would make any Star-baker proud. The texture and glistening beauty of the sugar means that it can be used as a sprinkle decoration on cupcakes and over ice creams… Or in fact, any dessert that benefits from a touch of fresh apple!

And it’s uses are not just limited to sweet dishes, it’s delectable sprinkled on baked or grilled pork. It’s superb used in marinades for chicken, pork or fish. And to top it off, it takes a good old Gin and Tonic to new heights of glory when added liberally to the mix.

Our Gourmet Apple Cinnamon Sugar comes in various different sizes so take a look at our products and see what you think will fit the bill. As with all of our Fruit, Herb and Spice sugars, this one is Gluten-Free, Vegetarian and Vegan. It contains no additives, natural or otherwise, so you can know that you’re only getting the best.

  • Natural Apple Cinnamon Icing Sugar

  • Natural Apple Cinnamon Sugar


HOW TO USE: Gourmet Apple Cinnamon Sugars and Icing Sugars

These sugars and icing sugars are a fantastic addition to any dish that needs a bit of apple-y freshness


Add the sugar plus a slice of apple to a Gin and Tonic to add a new depth of flavour.


Apple and Cinnamon are an exquisite addition to Pork. Brine some chops in a mixture of salt, apple cinnamon sugar, Herbes de Provence and Garlic for an hour, then dry well and sear on both sides and pop into a hot oven. Add a sprinkle of Apple Cinnamon sugar five minutes before the end for a delicious fruity touch.


Well the obvious ones here are apple pie, apple crumble and tarte tatin. But the more adventurous chef might be inclined to off-road slightly with an apple cinnamon panna cotta, or ice-cream made with icing sugar and studded with more crystal sugar. Or even Apple meringues. When was the last time you tried apple meringues?


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