Naturally Flavoured and Coloured Basil Sugars and Icing Sugars

Gourmet Basil Sugar, controversial, innovative, DELICIOUS.


Natural Basil Sugars

No, your eyes do not deceive you. We make Basil Sugar. It’s amazing. Seriously.

Gourmet Basil Sugar IS actually the best thing since sliced bread. If you’ve never tried it, then you can take it from us, it’s life-changing. It’s like one of those songs that The Beatles wrote. One minute it wasn’t there, the next minute it was so perfect, it had always been there, the first time you heard it,  you knew it by heart . It’s such an obvious flavour when you think about it, Basil has so many gorgeous flavour notes, they just needed to be mixed with unrefined cane sugar to bring them out to their fullest.

So, how do you use our Gourmet Basil Sugar? Well, for a start, if you sprinkle it over fresh fruit, specifically strawberries and / or raspberries, then you’ve pretty much got Nirvana right there. If you want to get fancy, make some buttercream frosting out of it and top off some raspberry cupcakes? Toss it generously over a carpaccio of pineapple, or use it to rim a cocktail glass for a Raspberry and Basil Mojito. If there’s one sugar you should try, it’s this one.

  • Naturally Flavoured Basil Icing Sugar, Naturally flavoured Basil Sugar

    Naturally Flavoured Basil Icing Sugar

  • Naturally Flavoured Basil Icing Sugar, Naturally flavoured Basil Sugar

    Naturally flavoured Basil Sugar


HOW TO USE: Gourmet Basil Sugars And Icing Sugars

These sugars and icing sugars are a fantastic addition to any dish that needs an unusual yet delicious touch


Add the sugar to tea to add an innovative but at the same time, amazing flavour.


Basil sugar is gorgeous when sprinkled over a Caprese Salad. Or used to sweeten a Pad Krapow Thai Stir-Fry. Or in a tomato sauce. It’s versatile and spectacularly flavoursome.


You can use our Gourmet Basil Sugar in any form to create exciting new desserts. It’s perfect with any fruit. It’s quite spectacular with dark chocolate dishes, it’s beautiful and decorative when sprinkled over cupcakes, or it’s a gorgeous emerald colour when made into a frosting.

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