Naturally Flavoured and Coloured Blueberry Sugar and Icing Sugars

Good for you, but still delish!


Natural Blueberry Sugars

Blueberries – they’re the Hippy of the Fruit world.  Worthy, full of stuff that’s healthy and good for you. And despite this, we forgive them for making us feel bad about all of our other life Choices (we’re looking at YOU, Nutella), because they’re SO delectable.

Blueberry – full of anti-oxidants and phytochemicals and other ‘good for you’ things, they are a health enthusiast’s dream. So perhaps it’s a little subversive of us to take all that goodness and make it into Gourmet Blueberry Sugar? Maybe. But with good reason – it’s a glorious colour, it tastes of the Blueberriest Blueberry ever, and rather than ruin the moisture ratio of your baking with real blueberries, you can use our sugar and still get a gorgeous blueberry taste (with a side order of natural colour as well). Made from just Blueberries and unrefined cane sugar, you can be sure that you’re getting the good stuff.

Use it in Blueberry Muffins, or ON Blueberry Muffins. Or on pancakes with some lemon syrup. Or with some parmesan cheese on your cheese board. It’s a very versatile sugar, as the blueberries have slightly umami and savoury notes as well as historically being seen as a ‘sweet’ food. It’s also very pretty and can be used in frostings and icings to create beautiful, completely natural pale purple cake coverings. Our Gourmet Blueberry Sugar is also Gluten-Free, Vegetarian and Vegan.s.

  • Natural Blueberry Sugar

    Natural Blueberry Icing Sugar

  • Natural Blueberry Sugar

    Natural Blueberry Sugar


HOW TO USE: Gourmet Blueberry Sugars And Icing Sugars

These sugars and icing sugars are a fantastic addition to any dish that needs a bit of contrast.


Add the sugar to a gin and tonic for some colour and a new depth of flavour.


Rack of lamb encrusted in Blueberry Sugar? Pork tenderloin marinated in a Brine made with Blueberry Sugar, red onion and thyme? Yes, it’s a bit of a departure, but you’re only limited here by your own imagination.


Panna Cotta made with Blueberry Sugar? Creme Brûlée topped with Blueberry Sugar? Ice-cream flecked with Blueberry sugar? Macaron or meringues made with Blueberry Icing Sugar? All of the above.

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