Naturally Flavoured and Coloured Gourmet Mint Sugar and Icing Sugar

The ultimate taste of fresh.


Natural Mint Sugars

Mint is the eptiomy of freshness. It’s got a remarkable taste that is unlike anything else – fresh, herby and slightly mentholic.

Mint is just so… minty. It’s fresh and wonderful and completely unmistakable. If you’ve used a lot of different herbs together in a dish, the Mint will be the one to pop it’s head up and shout the loudest. But for all it’s loud-mouthed-ness, it’s an incredibly versatile herb. Our Gourmet Mint Sugar can be used in savoury dishes to add a grassy and fragrant tone, or it can be added to sweet dishes to bring freshness a clean taste to the palate.

Our Gourmet Mint Sugar manages to gather all of the good bits of the leaves while leaving the bitter overtones behind. It does this because we spend an inordinate amount of time picking the best leaves and preparing them properly to make sure they are at their best. The mint sugar is fabulous with strawberries, gorgeous made into jewel-like meringues and spectacular sprinkled over a lamb curry.

  • Natural Mint Icing Sugar

  • Natural Mint Sugar


HOW TO USE: Gourmet Mint Sugar And Icing Sugars

These sugars and icing sugars are a fantastic addition to any dish that needs a bit of freshness.


Add the sugar to Hot Chocolate or Tea to add a zing of mint flavour.


Mint is one of the best herbs to use with savoury dishes – our sugar is brilliant with lamb, or sprinkled over soft cheese.


This sugar is quite beautiful, as well as delicious, so sprinkle it liberally over a chocolate tart, or make mint macaron and fill them with dark chocolate mint ganache. Or garnish a pineapple carpaccio, the green crystals are a lovely juxtaposition and add a different dimension to the dish.

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