Naturally Flavoured and Coloured Gourmet Vanilla Sugar and Icing Sugar

A taste of Madagascar right in your store cupboard.

Gourmet Vanilla Sugar

Vanilla makes almost everything taste better. It’s superb on it’s own, or combined with other flavours. Vanilla cupcakes with Vanilla frosting made from our sugars and icing sugars? Oh Yes Please.

Who doesn’t love Vanilla? If you know of anyone, do them a favour and offer them some of our Gourmet Vanilla Sugar – we’re fairly certain you’ll have a convert. Made from only Natural Raw Cane Sugar and Madagascan Vanilla, this is poetry in sugar. It’s heavily scented with Vanilla because we use only the best whole vanilla pods when we make it. The taste is creamy and fragrant with slightly smoky caramel overtones. It tastes of the best desserts you’ve ever eaten, all at once.

Because Vanilla is such a ubiquitous ingredient in baking and cooking, this sugar can be used in almost anything to enhance the flavour. We, however, love it in custards, creme brûlées, ice creams and over cakes and biscuits. It’s also absolutely delicious in coffee, tea and Hot Chocolate, adding a subtle yet spectacular note of flavour. Because we love it so much, we’ve actually made this into an icing sugar as well, so if you want to go Full Vanilla, imagine a cupcake iced with Vanilla Frosting, sprinkled with Vanilla Sugar. Yum!

  • Natural Vanilla Icing Sugar

  • Natural Vanilla Sugar


HOW TO USE: Gourmet Vanilla Sugars And Icing Sugars

These sugars and icing sugars are a fantastic addition to any dish that needs a bit of sophistication


Add the sugar to coffee or tea to add a new depth of flavour.


Pork and Chicken are particular fans of Vanilla, and adding Vanilla sugar to glazes is a super-crafty way to elevate your mid-week supper to something worthy of Date Night.


Talking of Date night, if you want to be SURE you’re hitting the Oh Em Gee spot: Vanilla Flavoured cupcakes covered in vanilla frosting, sprinkled with vanilla sugar. So Meta.

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