Naturally Flavoured Basil Icing Sugar


Yeah, we know, it’s unusual. But honestly… if you’ve not tried our Basil Icing Sugar, then you’ve not lived. It’s got a flavour spectrum that once you’ve tasted,  you’ll never forget. It’s like Basil, but somehow even bigger and even better!

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In no way related to Pesto, our Naturally flavoured Basil Icing Sugar is a gorgeous pale green colour and is a beautiful decorative touch that can be used to finish a multitude of desserts or savoury dishes. It makes the most astonishing and delicious meringues. It’s gorgeous in icings and frostings. It’s truly life-changing with Strawberries.

Somehow this savoury ingredient becomes a sweet symphony of flavour that works equally as well with desserts as it does with innovative main dishes. It is superb in cocktails, adding a new dimension of flavour to a mojito, or an innovative kick to a G&T.

Made from just fresh basil leaves and unrefined cane sugar, this product is gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian.

N.B. If you’d like a quantity greater than 1Kg, please email for our Bulk prices. Also – We usually carry a good stock of our products, but occasionally we might need a little time to fulfil your order. So let us know if you need it urgently!

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