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Our Natural Lime Sugar brings with it a little bit of sunshine. It’s the taste of the Caribbean – white beaches, palm trees, hot evenings and cocktails by the pool. It’s simply delicious with a slightly spicier, more floral flavour than the Lemon Sugar. Using our bespoke process, we’ve managed to give you all the citrus flavour that fresh lime offers, but without any of the bitterness or sour aftertaste that you can occasionally find in lime flavoured products. This is the real deal, just lime juice, lime zest and pure raw cane sugar.

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Our Natural Lime Sugar has many uses – it’s amazing on a Pineapple Carpaccio. It’s fantastic sprinkled over cupcakes (if you want to go the whole hog with flavoured frosting, then take a look at our selection of Naturally Flavoured and Coloured Icing Sugars!) It’s superb used in any number of exotic recipes that require a touch of lime and a touch of sweetness at the same time – think Thai, Indian, Mexican flavours.

The gorgeous pale green crystals are decorative as well as delicious, and can be used to embellish cocktail glasses. They can also be added to any number of cocktails or non-alchoholic drinks to impart an amazing punch of Lime. Try them today! As with our other fruit, herb and spiced sugars, this Natural Lime Sugar is gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian.

N.B. If you’d like a quantity greater than 1Kg, please email for our Bulk prices. Also – We usually carry a good stock of our products, but occasionally we might need a little time to fulfil your order. So let us know if you need it urgently!

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