Natural Strawberry Sugar


Limited Edition Seasonal Flavour
Strawberries – such a distinctive taste. This Natural Strawberry Sugar tastes like a British Summer. But without the rain. We’ve taken every thing good about the essence of summer in the British Isles and distilled it into gorgeous pink, flavoursome crystals. Close your eyes, and you can feel the warm sun on your skin. In fact, in some ways, we’d maintain that our Strawberry sugar is even more satisfying. With it, you know that you can summon up an imaginary perfect summer’s day whenever you want. Sadly not something we can promise with the weather.

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Limited Edition Seasonal Flavour
The taste of delicious ripe strawberries dances on your tongue with this Natural Strawberry Sugar; it’s very slightly tangy, but with an immediate rush of sweetness immediately afterwards. Proper Strawberry goodness.

It’s fantastic over most desserts, but we particularly enjoy it with meringues, baked fruit and sprinkled over scones and croissants just before we bake them. The beautiful crystals also lend themselves to use in glorious cocktails, adding a pure flavour and vivid colour. Try our Natural Strawberry Sugar today, all natural and totally delicious. And we even do an Icing Sugar version!

As with our other fruit, herb and spiced sugars, this is gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian.

N.B. If you’d like a quantity greater than 1Kg, please email for our Bulk prices. Also – We usually carry a good stock of our products, but occasionally we might need a little time to fulfil your order. So let us know if you need it urgently!

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