Award Winning Raspberry Sugars and Icing Sugars

So delicious, so moreish, so try some


Raspberry Sugars

Raspberry Sugars… Over pancakes, made into meringues and marshmallows. Raspberry Îles flottantes, anyone? Beautiful, delicious AND innovative.

You’ll want to try our Raspberry Sugars out. We won a Great Taste award for them last year (our first entry!) and we are extremely proud of it. Made from Scottish Raspberries and Pure, Raw Natural Cane sugar, this is one of the most beautiful items of food you will ever see. But you don’t just win Great Taste Awards for good looks… the flavour is out of this world.

Raspberry Sugars 2015 1 star Great Taste Award“Pretty pink candy chunks – we like the irregular sizes. The aroma is ‘jammy’ but the flavour is clearly of raspberry and develops nicely on the palate. Rather delicious as is, and obviously would be lovely to add a fruity crunch to fools, or to top a cupcake – or even to add interest to a cocktail”

We concur that it is excellent for all of those things, and would add that it’s superb combined with Chocolate (Dark, Milk or White) and that  it makes the most fantastic Meringues and Marshmallows. It’s beautiful vivid pink colour is a superb counterpoint to any dessert, while it’s scrumptious raspberry flavour adds another layer of sweet fruitiness. We love this one as an Icing Sugar as well – it retains it’s gorgeous natural pink colour and amazing flavour. 

  • Natural Raspberry Icing Sugar

    Natural Raspberry Icing Sugar

  • Natural Raspberry Sugar

    Natural Raspberry Sugar


HOW TO USE: Natural Raspberry Sugars And Icing Sugars

These sugars and icing sugars are a fantastic addition to mane dishes.


Add the sugar to coffee, tea or hot chocolate to add a new depth of flavour.


Raspberries can make a impact in main course dishes, scatter some Raspberry Sugar Crystals over a Goats Cheese Tart just before serving, or top off your Seared Scallop Salad with Raspberry Sugar. Anywhere you use Raspberry Vinegar, you can use Raspberry sugar to counterbalance it and add more depth.


Where to start? Raspberry Panna Cotta. Raspberry Meringues made with Raspberry Icing Sugar, dipped in dark chocolate and then dipped again in Raspberry Crystals, Raspberry Marshmallows dipped in Raspberry sugar… The list is endless.

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